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All parties with minor children in Weld County who are seeking a divorce, legal separation, or allocation of parental responsibility are required to attend a parenting class.

Level 1
Co-Parenting After Romance Ends

PARE Standard Recommended Class

Class: 4 Hour co-PARE
Cost: $29.99 Add to Cart

A basic, strengths-based educational course for most divorcing or separating parents that addresses the needs of the parents, the children, and co-parenting, culminating in the guided preparation of a parenting plan. This course meets the requirements of Colorado’s Level 1 programs.

Available in both English and Spanish.
Disponible en inglés y español.

Level 1.5
Co-Parenting After Romance Ends
Extended (PARE-X)

By Court Order

Class: 8 Hour PARE-X
Cost: $49.99 Add to Cart

A course that extends the PARE course for divorcing or separating parents and meets the requirements of Colorado’s Level 1.5 programs, covering additional topics related to parenting, coparenting, and self-care and adding the topics of children and stress, dating, discipline and guidance, and support networks. This extended course is designed for parents who completed the PARE course but need or would like more help to develop a mutually agreeable parenting plan.

Available in both English and Spanish.
Disponible en inglés y español.

Level 2
Parenting Without Conflict
by New Ways for Families

By Court Order

Class: 12 Hour Parenting w/o Conflict
Cost: $99.99 Add to Cart

Skills based program particularly beneficial for high-conflict parents, including parents dealing with domestic violence.

Available in both English and Spanish.
Disponible en inglés y español.

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How It Works


Select your online parenting class, create an account and pay using any major credit/ debit card for instant access.

Online Class

Interactive classes allow you to progress at your own pace in order to complete at once or over the course of multiple sessions.

Final Exam

Review a series of multi-choice questions related to the subject chosen. You may retake the exam for free if you do not receive a passing score.

4Receive Your

Certificates are free and available for immediate download upon completion of your online class.

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Financial Assistance

OnlineParentingPrograms.com provides discounted programs to qualified parents. Click here to complete our Financial Verification Form and one of our OnlineParentingPrograms.com moderators will review your information and provide a response within two business days.

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My Certificate

When will I receive my certificate?

IMMEDIATELY upon successful completion of your final exam you will receive an instant certificate of completion.

Financial Support

Do you offer financial support?

YES. If you had your filing fees waived or on a government assistance program email us proof and we will provide discounted programs upon qualification.


How long
do classes take?

You may log in and out per your schedule but pages are timed so it will take the designated time for the class you registered for.


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